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MES’s work amongst the poor and destitute communities of the inner city focusses on prevention and intake, intervention and eventually a sustainable exit. All our developmental programmes implement this service model.



Prevention and intake

Prevention and intake

In the intake and prevention programmes, outreach workers establish first contact with communities and forge trust relationships with them by assessing their needs and marketing available services and resources to them. These outreaches often take place on the streets and in dilapidated buildings within communities where MES operates. Drop in centres provide clients with further access to resources. If necessary, clients are referred to the social services department for a needs assessment, which could lead to more in-depth analysis and referral in the interventions phase. Prevention programmes include activities that will empower clients with knowledge and tools aimed at reducing or preventing potential harm to themselves or their communities.


The activities of the intervention programmes address the needs within the community and more specifically the needs of the individual. A well-established support system ensures that a development and care plan is in place for each individual, thus empowering him or her through different interventions towards a sustainable exit from these programmes. Other assistive resources are developed or made available through partnerships. Examples of services available are: social relief, pre-schools, afterschool centres & youth clubs, adult skills development, health care- and hospice services, job rehabilitation and job creation projects, social work services, housing initiatives and youth development programmes.
Sustainable Exit

Sustainable Exit

The conclusion and success of an integrated development plan hinges on the sustainable exit of the clients from the programme. Through all our activities, we strive to provide interventions that will lead to, or supply the platform for a client's sustainable exit. Job placement, follow-up and after care services, as well as the availability of affordable accommodation to newly employed clients through our sister company, Madulammoho Housing Association, are examples of activities that fall within this phase.



Poverty alleviation, Community And Spiritual Enrichment Services Unit Education And Skills Development Services Professional Health And Social Work Services

Youth enrichment:

  • Joshua youth volunteer service and leadership development
  • After School Centres

Early childhood development:

  • MES offers three pre-schools

Professional health services:

  • TB Contact Tracing
  • Health education & community outreaches
  • Palliative care

Spiritual enrichment:

  • Pastoral care
  • Youth clubs
  • Open air and residential discipleship services

Skills development and assessment:

  • GROW Job Rehabilitation programme
  • Vocational and skills development
  • Job placement with follow-up services
  • Job Creation and Income Generating programmes

Professional social work services:

  • Child care and protection
  • Family care and support

Social relief and community outreach:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Blankets
  • Overnight shelter
  • Outreaches
  • Sport development

Assessment centre and helpdesk:

  • Initial screening
  • Individual development plans
  • Multi-disciplinary case conferences
  • Prevention campaigns
  • Counselling

Residential care:

  • Accommodation provided for training and follow-up phases



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